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Gohyaku Rakan Wasanbon
All wooden forms and dried confectionaries are made by hand,
one at a time with care and intention.

The dried confectionaries are made with the motif of the Rakan statues, each with a different expression. 

"Earth," "water, "fire," "wind," and "sky" are referred to as the five elements, and in Buddhism, "earth" is the lowest state and "sky" is the highest state. It is also said that the "form is emptiness, emptiness is form" stated in the Heart Sutra also refers to this highest state of emptiness. 

We hope that you can feel the spirit of Zen Buddhism within a cup of tea and the sweetness of Wasanbon to forget about your hectic daily life.

We are proud to offer sweets that will perfectly commemorate your visit to the Okuyama Houkouji Temple.

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